As cool as a … five reasons why cucumbers are made for January

Cucumbers are perfect fare for the new year

  1. They’re hydrating. If you’re feeling slightly jaded post-festive season, keeping your water intake high will help. Comprising of 95 per cent water, cucumbers offer an easy way to do this.
  2. Not only that, they make water taste more interesting, too. Try adding strips to ice-filled jugs – the ribbons look pretty and add a delicate flavour to your drink.
  3. As well as being low in calories and fat free, cucumbers have high levels of potassium and vitamin K, as well as containing antioxidants and fibre (if you leave the skin on).
  4. They’re brilliant for making healthy meals and go well with a whole host of different ingredients. Try our plum, spinach and cucumber salad, cucumber, tomato and pesto dish and prawn, fennel, apple and yuzu bowls.
  5. Not only are refreshing and crunchy, small, torpedo-shaped UAE cucumbers are the perfect size for snacking on or adding to lunch boxes – no chopping or peeling required.

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