Our take on: 5 Valentine’s Day treats from around the world

When is love truly universal? When it comes to food

Valentine’s Day is not just about celebrating a partner, it’s about cherishing those you hold dear every day of the year. Different countries adopt different traditions and ways of expressing those three little words, which is why we've taken a look at what (a tasty) 14 February means on a global scale with our internationally inspired list of goodies:

The original: Germany

Valentine's Day is marked by heart-shaped ginger cookies with messages written on them in icing.

Our version:

Gingerbread garlands are cute, funky and are dying to be decorated. Send your loved one a personalised note that they can cherish… right up until they devour it. If you’re with the kids, this is an ideal family activity to do together.

The original: Morocco 

A popular sweet treat in the North African nation is baghrir, spongy pancakes dotted with holes (it resembles a British crumpet), smothered in honey-butter with hints of orange blossom.

Our version:

Honey cake with orange blossom cream is a real showstopper and ideal if you’re looking to wow that special someone. Layers of delicate sponge are complemented superbly by beautifully thick cream.

The original: China

14 February is celebrated as Qixi, a festival filled with feasting on traditional wontons, dumplings and fried dough. During this time, young women also prepare offerings of melon and other fruits to the goddess Zhinu in the hopes of finding a good husband.

Our version: 

Now, whether or not you have landed yourself a good husband, these steamed vegetable dumplings are great for any kind of Valentine, be that friends, family or your other half. Enjoy them as a starter, light meal or tasty lunchtime treat.

The original: South Korea

The day of love is split into two, with women gifting chocolate to men on 14 February and a month later men reciprocating the gesture with sweets.

Our version:

A love of chocolate is a lifelong love affair and we certainly won’t suggest limiting these earl grey milk chocolate hearts to one (or two) days only.

The original: Malawi

Sweet potato biscuits with a hint of ginger are used to woo your one true love.

Our version:

Well, we’re not going to argue with that. Zesty orange, warming cinnamon and a drizzle of luxurious dark chocolate really complete these sweet potato cookies. The caramelised macadamia nuts will have you falling in love from the first bite.

If you’re after a more traditional Valentine’s treat, it’s not too late to journey down to your nearest store and pick up a beautiful (last-minute) bouquet of flowers or a sweet offering. Happy Valentine's Day!