The hassle-free DIY kids' birthday brunch

The little one’s big day need not be a fuss with these winning recipes and fun ideas

Shouting, screaming and running around isn’t just reserved for the children at birthday parties – trying to make their day as perfect as possible (within a certain budget) is exhausting for parents too. However, this time round need not make you sweat: we’ve got the ultimate birthday brunch with simple, delicious food that leaves plenty of time for fun, games and a good old sit down.


Let’s face it, there’s going to be no keeping the kids calm. From here on out the food needs to be easy to grab, eat and more importantly, minimise any chance of serious spillage. Our lime-ginger chicken lettuce wraps are refreshing and with only ten minutes prep and no cooking, they’re time-friendly. Add some light spice to the party spread with chicken tikka dippers and nothing says party like sausages on sticks. And for the young vegetarians, pear and cucumber lettuce rolls with peanut butter dip.

For those extras try spinneysFOOD potato chips; in a range of flavours, there’s something for all tastes. We’ve also got lots of fresh goods at our deli counter, such as chicken rolls and healthy pasta salads.

Main courses:

At a kid’s party pizza is as safe as serving cake – there’s only a slither of a chance it won’t be well received. This sweetcorn and broccoli recipe gives them what they want while sneaking in a few of their five a day. Quinoa salad spring rolls are easy on the eye and the taste buds while chicken, leek and potato pasties provide a bit of stodge which, with all that running around, we’re sure is needed.


Once the dessert station is unveiled, we’re sure you’ll get a gold star. Chocolate crispy cakes on spoons score points for convenience while wobbly clementine jellies and  Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches are sure crowd-pleasers. Add a touch of class with cute mini marbled meringues – just make sure you save some for the kids.

If you’re after the ultimate showstopper, our sparkly ice cream cake needs no cooking at all and will guarantee that their special day ends on a magical note.

You can also purchase a great selection of birthday cakes from our bakery, or find a pre-packaged variety in the aisles.

The final touches:

Worried about decorating? Don’t be. We have a selection of paper plates, cups, tablecloths, candles and balloons available in store. Now all that’s left to do is sit back, relax and sip this comforting Lady Grey tea with mint-infused sugar. All that’s left to do is sing…