SpinneysFood Potatoes: 4 new varieties, an abundance of recipes

Versatile, dependable and delicious: why the humble potato is the true star of the show

Mashed, roasted, baked or boiled, there really are no limits to what this handy carb can do in the kitchen – it’s a foodie’s best friend. With a new range of SpinneysFood potatoes in store, it’s just as well you know how to use them:

The variety: SpinneysFood Boiling & Steaming Potatoes

The recipe: Ditching the set table and journeying outdoors to set up the grill? This mustard-chive potato salad is ideal – a barbecue isn’t a barbecue without a side of spuds.

The variety: SpinneysFood Baby Potatoes

The recipes: A comforting meal for two, this lamb with baby potatoes, savoy cabbage and fig compote might use the tiny variety but its hearty taste is no small feat. For something delightfully flavoursome, opt for baby potatoes with herb dressing – an excellent accompaniment to your next meat dish. If you’re after something lighter on the stomach, this salade niçoise with anchovy croutons is fresh, healthy and kind (awww) to your body.

The variety: SpinneysFood Roasting & Chipping Potatoes

The recipes: Oven-baked zaatar chips are made all the more tasty with a gorgeous side of spicy harissa sauce. And, if you’re after a winning recipe for potatoes (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), these never-fail roasties will see you achieving perfection time after time.

The variety: SpinneysFood Baking & Mashing Potatoes

The recipes: Score brownie points at every party with these classic garlic and herb hasselback potatoes, while this olive oil-mashed variety proves a creamy and indulgent treat. Or perhaps you’re after something more bite-sized? In which case, crispy lamb croquettes with homemade mint sauce won’t let you down.

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