Grass-fed beef: All you need to know

From paddock to plate

This month we’re celebrating beef - grass-fed beef in particular -, in all its delicious glory. Our decision to increase the range of grass-fed beef on offer is one we’ve taken very seriously, with Spinneys’ meat experts travelling all over the world visiting and inspecting farms and conducting taste tests to ensure that ultimately you, the customer, reap the rewards.

For an insight into exactly why we’re championing grass-fed, click here.

Now that you’re well primed on the benefits of grass-fed, it's time to select your cut. After all, not all steaks are created equal (although we’d argue there’s a time and a mood to enjoy every one). For a quick 101 on a few of our favourites, click here.

The choices don't end there though. Once you’ve picked your steak, it’s time to think about what sort of meal you’re in the market for because, believe us, whatever your mood, there’s a steak recipe to suit it.

What a shame it would be to get this far and then fall at the last hurdle. And by that we mean cook you steak anything less than perfectly. Far be it for us to tell you whether it’s a rare, medium-rare or medium piece of meat you’re after, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that it delivers maximum results on the taste front.