A guide to the ultimate DIY food truck brunch

Waffles, taco stations and chocolate chilli churros

Deciding what to do with the weekend can feel like a lot of pressure – the thought of not making the most of our precious two days off is enough to put a frown on anyone’s face. But, when inspiration is lacking, find solace in brunching – it’s always the route to a good day. This weekend, why not try your luck with a food truck themed party?


Start off with dishes you can eat while standing, walking around or having a chat with your friends, just like at a food truck event. Include an element of heat for guests who prefer their food with a bit of bite, like these spicy vegetable pakoras. If we’re sure of anything it’s that these pop-up restaurants know how to get random pairings right, two types of cuisine you thought would never cross plates work as though they were destined for one another (like our recipe for savoury waffle stacks... not that we’re bragging). Last but not least has to be a slider burger bar, because burgers are a trucker’s best friend. Didn’t you know?

Main courses:

Add an American touch with this fully loaded steak sandwich bar, the ultimate sharing platter that’s easy to dip in and out of with its blue cheese, tomatoes and caramelised onions. Buy fresh baguettes from our bakery the day of the gathering. If we love anything about this outside pick-and-choose style of dining, it’s that a lot of the food is served in new and inventive ways, like these chicken shawarma cones

A funky taco station is just what the food truck doctor ordered; try these fish varieties with mango and lime salsa for a zesty taste sensation while mini beef bites with tomato, lime and coriander salsa provide the melt-in-your-mouth meat option. Or perhaps you’ll want both? Well, that’s only natural…


Food truck desserts are different to those at dinner parties; they’re easy to construct, come in little containers and are interactive. Presented in cool coconut halves, this passion fruit, coconut and lime ice cream is truly in keeping with the eating-while-standing theme. Add an element of luxury with irresistible strawberries and cream fudge; it might take a monumental 5 hours to cool but boy, is it worth it. Serve in little paper bags for that extra cute factor. Finally (are you salivating yet!?) churros with chocolate, coffee and chilli sauce captivate the spirit of food that’s best served on wheels.

Final touches:

Those little extras will ensure your guests leave having had a good time (and feeling envious of your skills to pull off such a killer spread). Capture the authenticity of the food truck by writing out the dishes you'll be serving on different chalkboards, just as the venders would. Fairy lights and bunting will add that festival atmosphere and just because no one eats from ceramic plates, opt for cute disposable cardboard boxes. Seen the film Chef? Play it on an outside projector while you’re enjoying your food or listen to the local, talented music collective Freshly Ground Sounds.

Now it’s your turn to take the wheel, muster up some determination and put aside a little time… we’ll see you on Friday!

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