9 ways to make the most out of the bad (good) weather

Soothing soups, stews and freshly baked bread to help get you out of bed

You’ve probably noticed by now that the weather in Dubai is rather gloomy, and, according to forecasts, will be for the next few days. For some this might mean a quick rush to purchase jumpers, waterproofs and umbrellas but for us it’s an excuse to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Bad weather was destined for comfort food – the two go hand in hand. We’re talking sumptuous stodge and rich, rewarding flavours, all enjoyed under a cosy blanket whilst rain trickles down the window pane. So, when bleak skies permit you to cosy up, there’s only one thing left for it… soups, stews and freshly baked breads. Here’s a list of our favourites that are bound to brighten your day:

Soothing soups

Mushroom, coconut, chilli and ginger soup

The perfect balance of sweet and savoury, this soothing meal will ease any stress with its earthy flavours, hint of spice and thick consistency – a fine remedy for the drizzle outside.

Chicken and cabbage soup with buttermilk dumplings

This recipe is synonymous with snuggling up on the couch, putting on your favourite movie and letting the wind whipping about lull you into tranquility.

Parsnip soup with caramelised apples and walnuts

The nutty, sweet aromas balance beautifully with the creamy texture – if it means we can eat this everyday, we won’t complain about the weather.

One-pot wonders

One-pot beef and mixed bean stew

This may take two hours to cook but as soon as you taste it you’ll know it was well worth the wait. Serve with toasted rustic bread, a fitting accompaniment to this hearty bowl.

One-pot Irish stew with champ dumplings

A fuss-free, flavoursome dish that uses only four ingredients is simply perfection in our eyes. Let the lamb fall away from the bone as the doughy dumplings provide the only kind of comfort you need on a cold day.

One-pot Spanish chicken stew

Succulent chicken plus briny olives equals a full-bodied pot of goodness. Best partnered with a homemade country loaf (don’t worry, the recipe is just below).

Bread, glorious bread

Cheesy garlic bread bake

There is, quite possibly, nothing as gratifying as tearing a chunk of this cheesy brioche out of the tin. Layers of sweetened loaf are held together by gouda, single cream and fresh parsley; it might say it serves six but we won’t be surprised if you want to keep it all for yourself.

Classic soda bread

Bread is one of those things that takes a hit every time a health kick takes hold. But, when the weather resembles how our faces look when denied good food, the only advice would be to enjoy the things you really adore (at least, until the sun returns). So here you go: a recipe for a whole load of the good stuff… you can thank us later.

Country loaf

The one to dip into your soup, this is a classic for old fashioned tastes. Imagine devouring with thick butter in a gorgeous British country manor house, in a dimly-lite French cafe or, as all the best things are enjoyed, in the comfort of your own home. Let the warming scent of freshly baked bread ooze from your kitchen. These days, staying in is the new going out.

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