Travel the world from the comfort of your own kitchen

Recipes for those with wanderlust

Have you ever dreamed about hanging up your work boots and dusting off the backpack for a trip around the globe? Perhaps you’re simply in dire need of a holiday (or two). However bad the travel bug has bitten, if money, time and other commitments are getting in the way of you getting on your way, worry not – here are a few foodie picks to soothe those itchy feet:

**According to World Atlas, these are the top visited countries in the world. We found it as good a place as any to start eating**

10. Thailand

Just dreaming about sunny beaches and tropical weather gets us in the mood for fresh seafood and vibrant fruit.

Savoury: Fish cakes with spicy courgette and pomelo salsa
Sweet: Sticky coconut rice with mango

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9. Russia

Ruthless Russian winters may drag on a bit but that doesn’t mean its dishes have to – these two are made in just 30 minutes:

Savoury: Potted salmon, mackerel and horseradish
Sweet: Buckwheat blini stacks with white chocolate cream and blackberries

8. United Kingdom

Recipes inspired by two of the country’s favourite things to shout about: summer and tea.

Savoury: British summer salad
Sweet: Earl Grey and clementine jaffa cakes

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7. Germany

Well, sausages were always going to feature on the German list, weren’t they? Make your own (the meat you use is up to you) and then reward your efforts with an indulgent cherry and ice cream combination.

Savoury: Homemade sausages
Sweet: Black Forest sundae

6. Turkey

Drawing from both the Mediterranean and the Middle East, this country’s eclectic personality shines bright in its food.

Savoury: Lahmacun (pizza with spiced lamb)
Sweet: Apricot, orange and pistachio baklava with cinnamon syrup

5. Italy

When you feel like a big hug and a little cheer, Italian food is your best buddy – meet a bowl of comfort and a dessert with flair:

Savoury: Roasted garlic and sage gnocchi with cherry tomato sauce
Sweet: Basil panna cotta with mint-macerated strawberries

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4. China

Given the vastness of the country, it’s no surprise the food is so varied – from the spicy to the sweet, tick all your travel boxes right here:

Savoury: Szechuan-style deep fried fish
Sweet: Custard tarts with honey crust

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3. Spain

While our tapas dish may be made for one, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from inviting friends over and whipping up a sharing platter (everything can be found in the Spinneys deli, you know). And the churros? Well, they hardly need an introduction.

Savoury: Table-for-one tapas
Sweet: Churros with chocolate, coffee and chilli sauce

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2. United States

Hot dang! You won’t get much more ‘Merican than deep-fried chicken and apple pie doughnuts.

Savoury: Cornmeal waffles with fried chicken
Sweet: Cinnamon apple pie doughnuts

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1. France

And ding, ding, ding, France is in with the win! Top of the tourist list (we suspect it has a lot to do with the food) – here are two French classics with a twist:

Savoury: French onion soup casserole
Sweet: Apple galette with salted caramel sauce

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