Hot mess no more: 8 chilled soups you’ll wish you knew about last summer

When you’ve still got a hunkering for a bowl of the good stuff

There’s no denying it – summer is officially here. The desert air is heavy with heat, the chilly breeze of January just a distant memory. If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for Dubai’s more bearable months (and the food that comes with them) worry not – soup is the answer to your come-back-winter woes. Cooling, refreshing chilled soup, that is:

Cucumber gazpacho with chilli salted tiger prawns

There’s a reason the cucumber is the king of cool – it’s hydrating, low in calories, filled with antioxidants and works wonders on puffy eyes (among other things). This recipe pairs it with creamy avocado and natural yogurt, balanced rather nicely by the bite of spiced tiger prawns.

Roasted red pepper gazpacho with crème fraîche and basil

Ready-roasted red peppers, ripe vine tomatoes, a hint of chilli… top this gazpacho with crusty pavé, a dollop of crème fraîche and slices of basil and it’s turned into a vibrant dish just begging to be brought out at your next dinner party.

Tomatillo, cucumber, spring onion and mint gazpacho

Five ingredients – yes, only five! – and 10 short minutes are all you need to conjure up this wholesome bowl. Bonus? It serves two for under Dhs 25. You’re welcome.

Chilled pea and mint soup with crispy cannellini beans

Forgo croutons for crispy cannellini beans (a storecupboard staple of ours, we must admit). With the addition of turkey rashers and anchovies, this is one soup lacking in very little (read: absolutely nothing).

Chilled peperonata and sun-dried tomato soup

Have peperonata left over from your last pasta dish? Hey, it happens. Which is where this beaut of a soup comes in. Three steps and six minutes later and too much peperonata is a ‘mistake’ we may be making again...

Cantaloupe gazpacho with crab

Fresh flavours, bright colours, fruity ingredients that pack a punch, flecks of fresh crab meat for good measure… wow, is this a bowl that’s got it going on.

White almond gazpacho with crab, watermelon and feta

Served in shot glasses, these chilled canapés have a little something for everyone: meat, herbs, cheese, fruit… and while you may think all that is madness, we can assure you they’ll get along better than Uncle Bill and Auntie Marge at your next family reunion.

Chilled asparagus soup with truffle oil

Oh, the indulgence. The chilled soup to end all chilled soups, this is one to whip up when you really want to impress (warning: you may need to stop guests from licking the bowl clean).