Grapes vs strawberries: it's a fruity taste-off

A bunch of grapes and sweet little strawberries that want you to have the tastiest month

Spanish grapes

Grapes red, black and white on why adults and kids think they’re more than all right

Why are grapes so popular with all ages?

We’re crisp, sweet and easy to eat, which is likely why kids seem to love us the most.

And adults?

First and foremost, probably because their kids enjoy snacking on us. Grapes are a really reliable way to get nutritious food into little hands, while our everyday nature makes us the perfect family fruit.

How so?

We’re picked before fully ripe, so we’ll last in the fridge for at least a week, more than enough time to work your way through a punnet.

You’re well-known for your work on cheeseboards. Tell us about the ways you’ve branched out.

In recent years we’ve witnessed changes to how we’re viewed – gone are the days of being used exclusively as table grapes, to eat with cheese, pack away for lunch or mix into fruit salad. Now we’re also baked with fish, roasted, pickled, frozen and served with lots of hot white chocolate sauce.

And does this make you happy?

We’ve never been happier, though we haven’t left behind our roots – once a great snack, always a great snack, we say.

Sweet Eve strawberries

This British variety isn’t shy about letting you know how blushingly beautiful it is

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

We’re called Sweet Eve and come from the UK. We were born 25 years ago – time flies – and have grown into the strawberry you eat today (you’ve had a strawberry today, right?): totally desirable.

What makes you so desirable?

We taste the way strawberries should. Sweet but not like candy; slightly acidic but not lip-pursing.

Your relationship with cream feels like it’s been around since time began. All still well?

Just dandy. We’ve survived because of our simplicity.

These days you’re often seen with savoury friends. Got any advice there?

Get to know us with cautious intrigue. We don’t always get along – with chicken? Back to the drawing board – but catch us in the right mood and there’s real spark: in salads with strong cheeses or roasted with herbs, vinegar or spice to pair with red meat.

Strawberries are best ripe. But how can we make a strawberry yield last longer?

Homemade jam, ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt are all fun weekend tasks that’ll keep you in strawberries for the weeks ahead.

And the winner is...

The all-day eater It’s a tie!

The eye-catcher Strawberries

Your midday snack Grapes

The no-work dessert Strawberries

Your lunchbox’s love Grapes

The cooks’ favourite Both