15 jam-packed recipes you won’t be able to live without

Why fruit preserve that has stood the test of time

Jam, the quintessential sweet spread. While notorious for completing many a vintage recipe – think scones and Victoria sponge, darling – this preserve plays a keys part in plenty of sweet puds, as well as savoury plates. If you’re feeling jammy, here are recipes for you:

The basics

Strawberry and vanilla jam

For those with a taste for reinventing the classics, whip up a batch of this beauty.

Apricot, cardamom and vanilla jam

Floral notes – thank you, cardamom – give this condiment a sweeter, softer edge.

The bakes

Jam tart pops

Thinking of ways to keep the kids entertained is a chore in itself (and that’s before getting round to actually entertaining them). Cute, easy-to-make and child-friendly, these poppin’ hearts are their remedy for afternoon boredom and your window for a bit of quiet time.

Chia strawberry jam and hazelnut tart with coconut cream

If you’re looking for a gluten-free, dairy-free delight we’ve got just the thing. Chia seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, dates and strawberries give this pudding a healthy edge.

Jam doughnut muffins with peanut butter fudge sauce

Gooey centres are the gift that keep on giving; all-American fudgy sauce is the added bonus.

Buckwheat pancakes with nectarines and raspberry chia jam

Don’t just reserve these delights for Shrove Tuesday. Buckwheat flour provides a healthier, lower-fat alternative to white four and if they make it past the flipping phase, berry spread sweetens things up a notch.

Coconut and blueberry croissants with lemon curd

Grab some spinneysFOOD croissants, store-bought blueberry jam, whip up a little lemon curd and you’ve got yourself a winning brunch.

Three-tier Victoria sponge cake

Afternoon tea isn’t complete without this beauty standing centre stage, and strawberry jam is the delicious glue that holds all sponge layers together.

Galton Blackiston’s ultimate scones

Think of balmy British afternoons and delicate china crockery – scones can only be served with cream and jam. Well, if those are the rules...

Honey and cumin wholemeal scones

A savoury alternative to the recipe above. Of course, they must be served with apricot preserve.

Cherry bakewell tarts with whipped vanilla cream

There are certain desserts that will never go out of fashion; brownies, cheesecakes, crumbles – they deliver time and time again. A cherry bakewell tart is one of those puddings.

Apricot-chill lamb shoulder with roasted nectarine, fennel and feta salad

And now for the main event. Four hours of slow-roasting amounts to sumptuous, fall-off-the-bone meat – expect the sweet-sticky glaze to keep guests talking for weeks.

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