Bake off? Bake this: 10 recipes that’ll turn you into the star of the office cake break

Hold your nerve – superstar bakers never crack up

#AskSpinneys – the chance for you to get the low-down on your culinary questions. This month a Spinneys Magazine reader asked how to take the champion’s title in a work bake-off competition. Here’s what we had to say:

The office cake break: a popularity playground judged by the sweet-toothed. Forget meetings, business calls and profits, appraisals come in the delivery of sterling desserts. To show your colleagues who’s boss, all you knead are these 10 star bakes:

Honey cake with orange blossom cream

Honey, I’m home. And by home, we mean you’ve arrived at the office boasting this towering splendor of sweetness. Compliments will blossom with every spongy layer.

White chocolate popcorn cake

Get the popcorn out (we don’t mean for a bake-off-style fight) because this cake competition just got a whole lot hotter. Colleagues suitably impressed? Tick. Overflowing pride? Tick. Tick. Tick.

Cranberry and clementine cake with sugar and spice meringue buttercream

Sugar, spice and all things nice – expect your popularity to reach its peak as fellow co-workers beg you to bring another one in tomorrow.

Beetroot and chocolate cake

If there’s a yoga-loving, kale-eating health fanatic in the office (isn’t there one in all?), bake them a beet cake they won’t be able to refuse.

Ultimate coffee cake

Caffeine fanatics will fall over gooey-eyed once this beauty is placed under the noses of hungry office dwellers. Team with a brew for the ultimate wake up call.

Chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing

Those new to the world of butter, sugar, eggs and flour fear not – this is cake-making with stabilizers. Pedal slowly, easy does it and in just under one hour you’ll be ready for the Tour de France of baking competitions – GBBO applications, please!

Raspberry brownie cake with raspberry meringue buttercream

Pretty as a picture, this is one worthy of a hall of fame. Smartphones out, hashtags at the ready, because you’re going to be featuring on a fair few #Insta feeds. Welcome social stardom.

Coconut, lime and white chocolate blondie cake

Picture this – the hardest part of making such a recipe will be dreaming of bakes to top it. One way or another, you’ll be riding on a high tide of smiles and colleagues will be wondering whether you’re Mary Berry in the flesh. Expect rapture, hang by the telephone awaiting congratulatory calls… you just became the ultimate baking contender.

Eggnog ginger brûlée cheesecake stack

A festive offering with more merriment in every layer. You could say anything to prospective snackers – they won’t have listened past the first four words.

Pistachio, lemon and blueberry macaroons

You don’t need to present huge slabs of sponge (although they’re more than great), to win the office baking competition. Think outside the cake box and go down the delicate route, you’d struggle to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy a cute little macaroon.

And if you’re still not keen on spending too much time in the kitchen, our bakery is full of delicious creations… no one needs to know.

This question came in from Karen Colfer in Dubai Media City. If you’ve got a question that needs answering, our experts are on hand. Just visit any of our social channels, #AskSpinneys and one of them will get right back to you.