The Spinneys Family Series: Usha Nair, Marketing Coordinator

Usha takes us through her progression from cashier to her current role as marketing coordinator

I’ve been with Spinneys since January 1994, so over 23 years now.

The reason I joined was because I wanted to be associated with a professionally managed company where I could contribute my knowledge and experience, while at the same time learning about business and ethics. I’ve grown with the company.

I started as a cashier. In the time since, I’ve learned the business system and company policies, have worked in various administrative roles, customer service, supplier interaction, internal systems, marketing and promotions. Over the last 23 years, I’ve acquired enough knowledge to become a member of the marketing department.

The team I work with always strives to complete tasks in a meticulous manner with great spirit, sincerity and total commitment and dedication. I feel the marketing team is a true reflection of Spinneys’ image.

My favourite thing about my role is challenging myself to come up with innovative ideas that elevate our promotions. I organise the ranges that are sampled as well as manage 20 promoters in 10 different stores and provide them with round-the-clock training, guidance and support so they’re able to successfully implement and achieve desired results in boosting company sales targets.