The Spinneys Family Series: Sunil Kumar, Chief Operating Officer

Now in his third decade at Spinneys, Sunil talks about the company’s core values and exciting challenges

I grew up in a small town in India surrounded by a large, extended family then left to work for my brother who was running a business in Oman. We used to visit Dubai for weekends to spend time with three more brothers who happened to be working for Spinneys and I decided to move here.

I’ve been with Spinneys for 24 years. The reason I joined was because Spinneys has always had a distinctive working culture and core values. I used to visit the stores and head office with my brothers and liked the vibe.

I started as a customer service assistant after my brothers managed to get me an interview. It was in the fruit and vegetable department. I love working with people and had the opportunity to come into contact with different nationalities, particularly among our customer base.

Spinneys has always attracted customers from all walks of life and I’m happy that I’ve been part of it in different roles. To begin with, I did everything from packing the displays to serving customers and helping out in general when and where needed. I loved this time as I got to interact with customers and realised it’s the service you provide that makes them happy.

Every day is a new challenge. Although supermarket jobs are repetitive in many ways – we order, we stock, we prepare, we bake and cook, we serve, we listen, we weigh... for me every day is exciting, as there’s always something that we can aim to do better that will help our customers, the company and our staff. Small things make a big impact over time.

If I had three words to describe the company, I’d say that, to me, Spinneys ‘is a family’.