The Spinneys Family Series: Dushyant Seth, Merchandise Planner

Now an experienced member of the team, Dushyant talks about what he’s learned during his time with Spinneys

I started working for Spinneys in July 2013 – I’m just a few months away from completing four years here.

I wanted to work with the company as I had heard only good things. One consistent comment was that Spinneys takes really good care of its employees, especially in tough times. It has always been a highly regarded and stable organisation. I guess it was all the positivity that made me take up the offer.

I was hired as an analyst to see how profitable certain categories were and how they could be improved. A few months later I was appointed as a planner and got involved in Inventory Management. I think I’ve worked on every non-perishables category there is. I also had the opportunity to lead one half of our replenishment team for about three years or so. Planning for our private label products was a remarkable experience as well. I got a chance to learn the basics about new product development and the science behind making them.

I learn something new every day. Most of the people I work with have been in this industry for decades. They’re literally veterans of the trade and carry with them extensive knowledge that I love to tap into whenever there’s an opportunity. I’ve got a long way to go when it comes to learning from their experiences, both personal and professional.

If I had three words to describe Spinneys they would be ‘elevating’, ‘fulfilling’ and ‘collaborative’.