Feeling hangry? You need these 5 dishes

Easy recipes for when you just want food on the table

Hangry: definition – irritable as a result of feeling hungry. Solution: recipes that say a speedy ‘see ya’ to your rumbling tummy…

Baked avocados with eggs and crisp turkey bacon

Honestly, by far the most difficult step in this whole recipe is resisting the temptation to eat the avocados just as they are. But stay strong for 25 minutes – the reward will be worth it.

Peach, mozzarella and avocado salad with basil-mint dressing

Cooking? This sprightly salad doesn’t want to know about it. It’s more concerned about getting dinner on the table in 10 minutes flat and making your angry face a thing of the past.

Creamy cauliflower pasta with crispy bacon

What happens when you cross spaghetti carbonara with cauliflower cheese? Two things, actually: first, you realise you’re a little bit brilliant. And second, you wave bye-bye to any hanger issues in half an hour.

Hot-smoked salmon kedgeree

This pan of rice has one mission in life – to turn your frown upside down, because you’ve done enough work already. And if you know how to boil an egg, it’s all yours ­– ready-prepared rice, smoked salmon and curry paste make sure of that.

Pomegranate, celeriac and halloumi salad

‘I’m not in the mood for halloumi,’ said no-one ever. ‘I’m so in the mood for halloumi salad that’s mine in 20 minutes,’ said you one evening real soon.