Amy’s Diary: 4 top foodie picks for April

Easter eggs, gorgeous gouda and cold-brew coffees

Flying colours

For easy and fun Easter decorations, try dyeing quails’ eggs. Fill a small bowl with ½ tbsp white grape vinegar, 100ml hand-hot water and a few drops of food colouring. Using tongs, carefully submerge the eggs for 5 minutes or until you have the shade you want (I went for a pastel effect). Dry completely.

Coffee blends

For those mornings when both body and brain need a jump start, Chameleon’s ready-to-drink cold-brew coffees will set you on the right track. I have a particular love for the mocha flavour.

Good egg

This lemon meringue egg from Thorntons is perhaps the most beautiful one I’ve seen this year. With its white chocolate shell holding real lemon meringue pieces – plus six indulgent chocolates – inside, it’s a decadent treat I can’t wait to tuck in to on Easter Sunday.

Golden oldie

Family-run company Old Amsterdam has been making award-winning aged gouda for years, working to a closely guarded secret family recipe. The result is something really special: smooth, rich and complex-tasting, with a firm texture and robust flavour. Try it and you’ll see what we mean.