4 reasons lamb is our bone idol

Slow-cooking meat on the bone is oh-so-easy

Lamb on the bone. If only everything in life was as giving. The bone does the hard work for you, acting like your spy in the oven, making sure the meat does its thing… which is to succumb to the heat and collapse into a tangle of tenderness. And what do you do while that happens? You go off and live your life. Here we celebrate the beautiful laziness ‘involved’ in cooking bone-in joints of lamb.

Roast lamb leg with rosemary tapenade and warm potato salad

This recipe is two things: an overnight success (it’s the while-you’re-sleeping marinade that does the trick) and also one of the lightest roast dinners you’re ever likely to have. That’s because while the leg of lamb is ticking away in the oven, you boil a few baby spuds and asparagus spears and fold them through a yogurt dressing brightened by lemon and dill.

Slow-cooked lamb with jewelled saffron rice

Basically any time we read, write or even see a recipe with ‘slow-cooked’ in its title we start to lick our lips. Here that description is followed by ‘jewelled saffron rice’ – three words that sum up a side that’s all butter, spice and delight – at which point we begin to drool and dream of the pleasure that lies ahead.

Greek-style Easter lamb kleftiko

This is what they call ‘Easter on a plate’. To make it, you chuck (this is no place for placing) potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers and garlic (essentially all the good stuff) in a roasting tray. Then you plonk a leg of lamb (that’s been marinated in a herby, garlicky paste) on top and let it settle in for five hours’ slow-as-you-can-go cooking. That is genuinely all it takes to win at dinner.

Slow-roasted lamb shoulder with sumac potatoes and aubergine ketchup

Weighing up whether or not to cook this? Let us help solve the conundrum for you. The clue is in the recipe and the last line of step five: ‘roasting for 7 hours, basting after 3 hours, or until the meat is falling off the bone’. Yep. Sold. Let’s do it.

Got leftover meat from any of these recipes? Turn it into this crispy lamb and orzo salad, or these little lamb croquettes with mint sauce.

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