4 foodie trends we fell in love with (as did Instagram)

What was life like before kale, avocado toast, spiralised veg and quinoa?

Foodie fads come and go in the blink of an eye – anyone remember the cronut? – but when health trends make their way onto the scene, they tend to hang around (if they’re worth their while). Ingredients subject to crazes have to have longevity; adaptability is key. Take chia seeds for example (they can be used in breakfasts, smoothies, puddings and yogurt) or green tea (our salted chocolate Viennese whirls with green tea ganache are divine as is this seared green tea tuna dish).


First on our list is a glorious green vegetable. Overtaking the humble iceberg lettuce on restaurant menus and in home-cooked meals, this member of the cabbage family shows no signs of disappearing… there’s even a National Kale Day! But to whom do we owe the honour of making this leafy legend cool enough to have 2,560,201 hits on Instagram? New York-based PR agent Oberon Sinclair.

Approached by the American Kale Association, she was tasked with creating a buzz around the now-trendy ingredient. But, this doesn’t mean kale’s popularity is misplaced. Loaded with vitamins A, C, and K, and iron, fiber and calcium (it’s not just milk that’s good for your bones!), it’s a powerhouse of pure goodness.

Try it in…

Sumac kale crisps with butter bean, lemon and garlic dip
Kale, spinach and ricotta crepes with pea and fennel salad
Roasted cauliflower and kale salad with honey-pistachio dressing

Avocado toast

With the right balance of health and comfort, the avocado and wholemeal bread (one with its heart-healthy fats and the other with it’s slow-releasing energy) are two beauties that were destined for one another. Popular Manhattan restaurant Café Gitane is often referred to as the founding creator of the dish, where it first appeared on their menu in 2006. Today it has 343,177 hits on Instagram.

Try it…

Salmon and avocado toasts  
Avocado and coriander pesto bruschetta with lime and chilli tiger prawns
Or simply add a bit of lemon, chilli flakes, black pepper and salt.


If you think courgette should be confined to a bowl of ratatouille then spiralising it to make courgetti will prove you wrong. Courgetti's credentials include being low in fat, sodium and calories and having a higher protein content in comparison with other vegetable counterparts, along with providing a great source of vitamin A (good for vision and your immune system), potassium (good for the heart muscles) and folate, which functions to maintain and produce new cells. It's also a great gluten-free alternative to pasta. Today there are 1,220,853 Instagram posts – spaghetti has some serious competition.

Try it in…

Thai poached salmon with courgette noodles
Raw courgette pasta with parmesan and almonds
Courgette linguine with basil pesto and rawcotta

DID YOU KNOW? You can now find a selection of spiralised veg at our deli counters.


This South American superfood has been around for a while (try going back to the 15th century) but started gaining real interest back in 2011. Is it worthy of the boom? Well, if you take into consideration that it has all of the nine essential amino acids your body needs, and acts as a good source of calcium, magnesium, vitamins B and E, fiber and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients (which are good for preventing and treating disease), then the answer is a yes.

It’s also low GI, and therefore releases energy slowly, preventing spikes in blood glucose levels. The grain now has 1,595,418 Instagram posts to its name and has cemented itself as a kitchen staple.

Try it in…

Quinoa-crusted salmon kale wraps with tartare sauce
Nut and berry quinoa squares
Quinoa sushi 

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