20 mango recipes you simply have to try

Can't get enough of the tropical fruit? We're here to help

There’s a mango recipe for just about every mood and occasion – full of natural sweetness and bright like the sun, they taste (and look) great in a whole host of delicious dishes. Whether you like them on their own, use them to balance savoury flavours, add them to desserts or blend them into refreshing beverages, the versatile fruit is a true treasure and deserves its time to shine.

Avocado and mango bites

For a tasty hors d'oeuvre.

Sweet chilli prawn and mango skewers

For the kiddies’ picnic party.

Lamingtons with mango and lime curd

For those with a sweet tooth.

Chili and lime-marinated mango with mint sugar

For the minimalists.

Sticky coconut rice with mango

For the Thai fans.

Mango, cucumber and radish salad with quinoa

For the superfoodies.

Mango lassi ice lollies

For a gluten-free option.

Fish tacos with mango and lime salsa

For the Mexican fans.

Mango and passionfruit meringue roulade

For those looking to impress.

Pineapple and mango crush

For the thirsty.

Crab cakes with mango, lime and chilli salsa

For the dinner party hosts.

Tiger prawns with mango salsa and clementine mayonnaise

For a winning combination.

Crab and mango salad with avocado cream

For a healthy lunch.

Thai spiced prawns with mango and shanghai leaves

For those after a bit of a kick.

Mango and carrot rolls

For fantastic finger food.

Prawn and mango burgers with pickled ginger and cucumber slaw

For a twist on the classic.

Curried roast chicken and mango salad

For when you’re in a ‘I’ve only got five ingredients’ kind of mood.

Almond, mango and ginger bars

For a quick snack.

Satay chicken stir-fry with courgette noodles and mango

For a reliable one-pan dish.

Sesame-seared tuna with mango and avocado salsa

For a light and breezy meal.

Right now the gorgeous nam dok mai mango from Thailand is in season (and in store). If you’re keen to use it in a few (or all) of the recipes listed above but are put off by peeling the fruit, don’t be – it’s easy: