16 healthy snacks that won’t take you longer than 30 minutes to make

You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen for nutritious treats

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the three founding pillars of the foodie world; they define what you wake up to, how you fuel your body in the working hours and the way you reward your taste buds at the end of the day. But what about the little nibbles that see you through to your next meal?

Snacks, glorious snacks! The answer to all your tummy grumbles. They break up the marathon stretch before your next plate. They work to keep blood sugar levels constant and out of hanger’s way. Basically, they’re great. So, here are a few healthy snack recipes that’ll be ready quicker than you can say – “when’s dinner ready?”

Dip it up

All pots of perfection in their own right. Serve with crackers, breads, crudités… anything that takes your fancy

Creamy mozzarella and chive dip 
Chunky pea and mint dipping pot  
Tuna and cucumber dipping pot
Easy beetroot hummus
Guacamole topped with seaweed pesto

Whip it up

When snacks are this delicious, they need no introduction

Mozzarella, carrot and corn fritters with creamy hummus 
Lime-ginger chicken lettuce wraps  
Sweet chilli prawn and mango skewers  
Roasted asparagus with chilli-lemon crumbs 
Cluster snack bites  
Boiled eggs and curried onion butter on rye
Chilli-marinated olives  
Smashed white bean crostini  
Sweet and smoky nuts 

If hunger has hit or heartier healthy meals are more your thing, here are five great recipes that’ll get a round of applause from your body.