11 super ways to use grapes

These treats prove there’s more to your punnet than meets the eye

Grapes – right now we’re obsessed with the Autumn Crisp, Starletta and Midnight Beauty Australian varieties from Sunworld – are dainty, tasty and nutritionally-rich. And while they may be tiny, this beautiful fruit has been balancing the punchiest of cheeses since cheeseboards became a thing. They work in both sweet and savoury dishes and as snacks in their own right. Here are a few winning ideas for how to use them:

1. They give this vanilla cheeseboard cheesecake breathtaking elegance – serve at your next dinner party for a real showstopper.

2. These mini (and portable) snack packs for the little ones are nutritious and ideal in lunchboxes or as a handy treat for family days out. 

3. The fruit’s sweetness balances out the saltiness of this sea bream dish or this one.

4. A Vietnamese chicken bánh mÌ is made all the more delicious with the addition of seedless white grapes 

5. For a delightfully light summer lunch, opt for an Asian crab and nectarine salad

6. Dukka salmon in vine leaves is a great choice if you’re on a health kick. 

7. Get ready for Tokyo 2020 with a picky dippy olympic salad ring, perfect for entertaining the kids while sneaking in a few of their 10-a-day

8. Freeze them and pop them in your glass for an ice cube that won’t dilute your drink (or serve with chocolate lime sauce for a different sort of dessert).

9. Drizzle with a touch of oil and roast for approximately 15 minutes. Serve with a cheese board.

10. Put a stick in them and dip in chocolate and sprinkles for a cute, healthy twist on cake pops.

11. Turn them into lollies for the coolest of desserts – simply chop up and freeze with fruit juice (you can also swap for pomegranate seeds in this recipe).