Healthy twists on kids' favourite dinners

Here's a show and tell the whole family can enjoy

With the school year starting, we asked five kids to describe their favourite dinner. Here they are, presented in a delicious and healthier way:

"My favourite pizza topping is sweetcorn. I love taking pizza to school in my lunchbox" - Maryam, aged seven

Sweetcorn and broccoli pizzas

Pizzas are a great chance to up your kids’ veg intake

“My sister’s best dinner is lamb. I like that too but my favourite meal is steak with potatoes because of the taste and I get to have tomato ketchup with it.” - Eva, aged four

Steak with cheesy baked potatoes

Baking the potatoes means they need very little oil

“I love eating burgers because they’re juicy and filling! The best part is the melted cheese on the top of the burger.” - Ammar, aged nine

Lean turkey burgers

Using turkey mince gives these burgers a nutritious edge

“When I’m older I want to be a chef so I can make long pasta (like spaghetti!) with red sauce. I have lots of parmesan on top of mine.” - Hassan, aged four

Spaghetti bolognese

Spag bol is a classic for kids – this version is full of veggies

“I like spicy food and this dal is my favourite. When I grow up I want to win MasterChef.”- Hugo, aged four

Sri Lankan-style tarka dal

Creamy dal is the ideal way to spice things up for the little ones