How to prepare a week's worth of packed lunches

Our expert explains how to get ahead

I find it hard to juggle preparing different packed lunches for my family throughout the week. How can I ease the burden?

– Laura Carver, Barsha Heights

Putting together packed lunches can quickly become draining. While pleasing everyone is never going to be easy, organising a week’s worth in one go can help to relieve the stress of it all. Rice, pasta and grains can be cooked and stored in big batches. Plus, wholegrain versions are low-GI foods, making them ideal lunchbox candidates as they offer slow-release energy. They also have a neutral flavour, meaning they’re great for a huge range of lunches. The salads pictured offer a glimpse of what can be done.

Once you’ve got your base (in this case couscous), customise it to suit or to keep things interesting as the week goes on. Beetroot, rocket and mozzarella is a lovely vegetarian choice, while salmon and boiled egg is full of protein. For something simpler (and perhaps more child-friendly) try roasted cherry tomatoes with a favourite green veg. My other top tip is to utilise leftovers from dinner the night before, be it a wedge of frittata or slice of pizza.

Guest Expert: Fiona Archibold

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