5 easy, inexpensive indoor picnic ideas

With the weather still a little warm out, bring the fun indoors for the little ones

Keep kids entertained after school or on the weekend with this easy and inexpensive indoor picnic spread. Teddy bears optional, good times guaranteed...:

Carrot, corn and mozzarella savoury cake

Sneak a few veggies in your kids' next snack with this scrumptious savoury cake

Creamy mozzarella and chive dip

10 short minutes is all the prep time you need

Bright rice salad with peanut butter dressing

Nice and nutritious, these wild rice bowls are packed full of colourful fruit and veggies

Sticky salmon skewers

Food is more fun when it's eaten with hands

Strawberry and elderflower float

Make the sauce ahead of time so the kids can have fun assembling their own floats. Cheers to that