4 lunchtime ingredients, 4 midday marvels

Nourishing lunch ideas with global flavours

These four ideas are inspired by the flavours of the world. And with fresh flavours and filling, nutritious ingredients, they’re just what’s called for when the clock strikes lunch:

1. Ingredient: burrata
Lunch idea: roasted figs with burrata

Burrata adds a real touch of luxury to lunches.

Fruit and cheese is a great combo. Roast figs with honey and balsamic vinegar and serve with creamy burrata and a handful of salad leaves.

2. Ingredient: salmon
Lunch idea: salmon and avocado poke bowl

Nutritious and delicious, salmon fillets are one of the best lunch options.

For a twist on this Hawaiian classic, pan-fry salmon and serve on top of a bowl of sushi rice. Scatter with sesame seeds and accompany with chopped avo, red onion and spring onions dressed with soy and sesame oil.

3. Ingredient: SpinneysFood Beef Mince
Lunch idea: larb lettuce cups

SpinneysFood Beef Mince is very adaptable: fry it fast or cook it slowly.

Larb is a Southeast Asian staple with minced meat at its core. This version features beef mince cooked with lime juice, fish sauce, sriracha, lemon grass, garlic, chilli, shallots and coriander. Pile into crunchy lettuce cups for a simple and speedy healthy lunch.

4. Ingredient: SpinneysFood Everyday Chicken Breast
Lunch idea: chicken miso soup

Everyday for a reason. Chicken breasts are the ultimate versatile choice.

A truly fortifying bowl of soup. Sear sliced chicken breasts then transfer to simmering miso soup to finish cooking through. Garnish with micro herbs.