10 reasons to take up cycling

With Dubai's cooler months ahead of us we map out why it’s time to get on the bike

Here at Spinneys we encourage a healthy lifestyle, from the organic produce on our shelves to promoting balanced exercise in everyday life. With the Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge coming up in December (and four build-up rides along the way), our preferred form of keeping fit is quickly becoming getting on the bike. Why, you ask?

It doesn’t discriminate

In a city like Dubai where most people drive, cycling offers whole body exercise, for any body type, and is possible to pick up at any age.

It gets you outside

Many of us spend our days in air-conditioned workplaces – cycling is a pretty handy (and free) outdoor activity.

It’s cardiovascular

Cycling is great for developing stamina and good for heart health. Try to reach the stage where you cycle for at least 150 minutes per week.

It’s a good way to meet like-minded people

Anything that’s done in a group has the potential for socialising with people you wouldn’t normally come across in your daily life and allows you to bond over a shared interest.

It’s environmentally friendly

Beyond the cost of your bike and protection gear, it’s a cheap activity and, compared to other modes of transport, better for the environment as you are not using fossil fuels or creating pollution.

It keeps illness at bay

Cycling helps to prevent stroke, heart attack, some cancers, depression, diabetes, obesity and arthritis.

It’s gentle on your body

Unlike high-impact running or other aerobic exercise, which can be tough on the joints, cycling is low-impact.

It’s calming

Cycling is a great mood-lifter for those with stress and anxiety as it offers exercise and enjoyment in one package.

It’s a calorie burner

Cycling burns up to 650 calories per hour (depending on the speed you go and your body weight).

It works around your schedule

Attending a gym or exercise class can be difficult if you’re restricted to certain times. With cycling, you can jump on your bike whenever you want, making it easy to incorporate into your daily life.

If you’re already an avid cyclist, or are a newcomer interested in getting involved, the Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge is a great goal to work towards. For details on the build-up rides and registering for the big event, click here.