Your guide to the grill

Time-savvy snacks, low-fuss sides and shortcut mains

With the weather finally cooling down, dust off your barbecue and get fired up with these essentials for an easy outdoor feast:



For perfect grilled chicken (crisp golden skin, moist, tender meat and lots of flavour) that cooks fairly fast, a spatchcocked bird is the answer. Our easy-to-cook chicken takes the fuss out of things and comes ready-marinated for maximum taste too. Serve with a fresh and crunchy chick pea salad.


Whether you want a burger low in fat and sodium, gluten-free or with a gourmet twist, Angel Bay’s high-quality ready-prepared patties are made with 100 per cent New Zealand beef and cook from frozen in minutes.


Tenderloin steak still sizzling from the barbecue grate is our idea of a real treat. But when you haven’t got the time or energy to light the fire, a spritz of Turci’s flavoured BBQ spray provides the essential smoky flavour – and it’s low in calories too.



Jazz up store-bought hummus with inventive toppings; we’re talking mince tossed with SpinneysFood BBQ Seasoning then fried until crisp, sweet roasted peppers from a jar and crushed spiced nuts and feta.


Four ideas to show you that next time you have a barbie, spuds should be on the guest list:

  1. Potato and vegetable skewers:
    Colourful kebabs threaded with cherry tomatoes, lemon slices, SpinneysFood Baby Potatoes and cubes of squeaky halloumi and cooked on the grill raise the side-dish stakes.
  2. Potato salad:
    Cool and halve tender SpinneysFood Boiling and Steaming Potatoes. Fold through a crème fraîche dressing with chopped spring onions, bacon and lots of lemon juice.
  3. Thyme-roasted potatoes:
    For tatties that are crunchy outside and fluffy inside, SpinneysFood Roasting and Chipping Potatoes are ideal. A few sprigs of thyme won’t go amiss either.
  4. Potato skins with sour cream:
    Dusted with BBQ seasoning before they go on the grill, SpinneysFood Baking and Mashing Potatoes make delicious skins. Top with sour cream and parsley.


Sweet and smoky nuts are the perfect pass-around snack at a party, while you can’t go wrong with blistered, barbecued corn on the cob. Impress guests with a homemade sauce (that’s easier to make than it is to spell): chimichurri.

Head down to your local Spinneys store to pick up these products and more while stocks last.