5 winning recipes for those training for the Cycle Challenge

Get race-ready with these energy-boosting dishes

An important part of any athlete’s training comes down to diet: what you put in, essentially, is what you get out. With the Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge mere months away, here are five nutritious meal ideas to help you eat well:

1. Green smoothie bowl

A healthy, filling start to the day, the slow-releasing energy from the oats, and vitamins and minerals from the spinach make this trendy breakfast option a top choice.

2. Lemon broad bean toasts with poached eggs

Packed with vitamin B1, nutrient-rich broad beans are a great way to up your energy intake naturally. Add that to the benefits of protein in eggs, this twist on the classic ‘eggs and toast’ combination is an endurance athlete’s dream.

3. Avocado, feta and tahini pitta pockets

This vegetarian snack is not only ready in no time at all, it’s filled with vitamins and minerals from calcium-rich tahini, while the potassium in avocados is a great way to combat sore muscles.

4. Thai chicken and red rice grain bowl

This veg-heavy salad bowl has it all – flavour, fibre and an abundance of wholesome ingredients (with just a hint of spice).

5. Oat-crusted tuna with spicy bok choy

The high levels of protein in tuna and anti-inflammatory benefits of bok choy place this dish firmly on our list of ‘must-eat meals when training’ – a perfect dinner option for the night before (or after) your next ride.

To find out more about the Cycle Challenge and how to get involved, click here.