How to host a grown-up Halloween party

This magical feast for six will make you this year's Host with the Most

Halloween isn’t just for children. This magical menu is filled with delicious tricks, twists and treats that will cast a spell over guests of all ages:

To start your evening, welcome guests with a chilled spiced ginger and apple brew and cannellini bean crostini.

A pan of bright orange carrot and cardamom soup can sit bubbling away while everyone settles in (bonus points for topping the soup with spider webs of saffron yogurt) and anticipation for the main course grows.

It’s a spicy affair of smoky chilli with a tricksy twist of coffee and chocolate, all the flavours soaked up by this jalapeño-spiked cornbread (learn how to pickle your own jalapeños here).

End the night on a wickedly rich high – dark chocolate and ginger ganache with paper-thin slices of pear poached in vanilla syrup, a dessert that’s a little bit naughty, a whole lot nice.

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