6 tips for bike maintenance at home

We asked the experts at Revolution Cycles for advice on how to keep your bicycle in good working condition

The Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge is approaching its third build-up ride and by now we’re sure the bikes are well and truly dusted off. To help you keep your equipment in tip-top shape we have, with help from our friends at Revolution Cycles, put together a few tips for maintaining it at home.

Wash and grease

Unless you clean and oil your bike weekly – or every four rides – the fine dust in the air here in the UAE will combine with the lubricant on your bike and form a grinding paste. Ultimately, this wears down the bike’s components and causes a creaking drive train, which, in layman’s terms, means a whole lot of noise on the pedals.


Checking the condition of your chain is must. Look out for signs of rust or twisting, generally caused by the chain dropping too low or bad shifting of the gears. You can also purchase a chain wear indicator from your local bike shop.


Make sure your tyres are pumped, that there is enough tread and that they aren’t cracking.


Check that both wheels are aligned and that your spokes are free from damage (this includes rusting and bending, as well as corrosion on the cylinders).


It’s imperative that your helmet fits correctly so that your head is properly protected. If unsure about its suitability, err on the side of caution and confer with your local bike shop.


These fix your feet to the pedals and are one of the main control points of the bike. If worn down they can creak, unclip or allow for too much movement that can cause injury to the knees.

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