The budding stars of Christmas: poinsettias

Deck your tabletops with the striking bloom, in stores now

As the most festive time of the year fast approaches, Spinneys shelves have become just that little bit brighter thanks to the classic Christmas flower, the poinsettia. Here’s a quick guide to this beautiful seasonal plant:

Where they come from

At Spinneys, we are committed to sustainably sourcing products – edible and otherwise – which is why we our poinsettias come from the Netherlands-based Sonneveld Plants, a family-run business with over 25 years experience.

Meeting high requirements for environmentally and socially sound plant production (MPS-A certified), they use a closed water system, which means that any water not absorbed by the plants is recycled, ensuring resulting in minimal wastage.

A little history

The shrub is indigenous to Mexico, and the flowers were originally enjoyed by the Aztecs as decorations while the plant’s sap was used to treat fevers. It was in 1828 that a US Ambassador, Joel Roberts Poinsett, became mesmerised by the brilliant red colour and sent them back to South Carolina as gifts (hence the origin of the name they’re currently known by, ‘poinsettia’).

How to care for them at home

  • Display your poinsettia away from drafts and direct sunlight and keep the surrounding temperature at around 18-22ºC when possible.
  • Make sure the plant remains moist; if it feels dry give it a good soak by placing in a container filled with 5cm of water for 5 minutes.
  • Be careful not to overwater as this can lead to the leaves dropping off or the colour fading.

If all this talk of the flowers of the festive season has got you wanting to start holiday celebrations, why not check out some of our delicious season’s eatings? From brined and roasted turkey to pudding trifle, we’ve got your Christmas covered.

Find poinsettias in selected Spinneys stores now.