Family-friendly finger food for a movie night in

Get the cameras rolling for a cosy night in with your very own big screen – and food with a starring role to match

Finding a movie the whole family wants to watch may be a bit of a challenge, but you can be sure our selection of film-friendly recipes (no need to take your eyes off the screen), will steal the scene. The key is to choose dishes that are suitable for grazing and easy to eat. No cutlery required…

Courgette fritters

As with the most memorable of films, grab the attention immediately with our tasty little fritters, best eaten warm.

Meatball sandwich

Crusty baguette, tasty little meat and spinach meatballs and lashings of tomato sauce – just like perfectly cast characters, it's a winning combination.

Cocoa milkshakes

Chill time: these creamy cocoa milkshakes certainly hit the spot and are far less messy to eat than the traditional interval-time ice cream.

Sausages on sticks

Who's your movie heart-throb? These moreish little bites of chicken and mustard mash 'sausages' will steal your heart in no time: simply add ketchup.

Homemade pizza buns

In something of a plot twist, we've reinvented pizza into tear and share buns for effortless eating – ideal when you can't take your eyes off the screen.

Candy cane cheese straws

Easy to make, easy to eat: like the most riveting action film our cheese straws will vanish quickly amid much excitement.

Apple crumble sundaes

It's a wrap: apple crumble in a glass with caramel sauce and cream, we are confident these sundaes will be the perfect happy ending.

Why not make a family movie night a regular thing – you can even theme the food round the subject of the film... a fish supper with Finding Dory, or burgers and shakes with an American classic perhaps?


Thinking of setting up your own projector to make the experience a little more cinematic? Here’s what you need to know, courtesy of David Minchin, CEO & Founder of Audio Visual Entertainment:

  • The bigger your screen (or sheet) the brighter you’ll need your projector to be. A projector's brightness is measured in lumens, for night-time viewing you’ll typically need to look out for something around the 2500 mark.
  • If you’re using a sheet, make sure it’s taut as creases, lines or folds will be visible on the picture.
  • Outside viewing is much clearer at night; in the day you’ll need a projector with a high light output to overcome the daylight.
  • Most projectors don’t have speakers. If they do, they're usually around 10 watts which isn't sufficient for outside viewing.
  • You’ll need a long HDMI cable to connect the projector to whatever you are playing the film on, whether it be a laptop or your TV. Equally, if you have an Apple TV, place this near to the projector.