5 tips for exercising in the heat

How to enjoy your outdoor workouts safely

With the summer behind us, and cycling and running events in the not-so distant future, there’s really no excuse not to take your workout outdoors. Having said that, it’s still a good idea to, (excuse the pun), exercise a little caution. Here are some tips for staying in peak condition:

Drink plenty of water

While this might sound obvious, drinking water is an essential part of keeping your body working at its best; even being slightly dehydrated can have a negative effect on performance. Particularly with long distance training, make sure you start your workout fully hydrated and keep topping up throughout.

Avoid the hottest hours

Limit your training to the morning or late afternoon or early evening; during the the hottest part of the day – generally the hours between 12pm and 2pm – it’s still pretty toasty.

Choose your workout wear

Stick to light colours that will reflect, rather than absorb the heat and opt for quick-drying materials which allow your skin to breathe.

Pick snacks with a high water content

As well as drinking plenty of water (as mentioned above), it’s also a good idea to fill your diet with fruit and veg that has a high water content, such as watermelon, strawberries, melon and cucumber.

Listen to your body

Don't be afraid to call it a day if you start to feel weak or dizzy, particularly if you're not used to exercising in the heat. And remember a few short workouts over the course of a week can be just as beneficial, if not more, than than one long stint.

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