3 wholesome meals for World Vegan Day

Dine in style with a simple soup, a no-cook pasta and a classic curry 

The only way to celebrate a world food day is on your dinner plate. So why not bring out the veggies and mark World Vegan Day with one of these beauties:

Cauliflower, ginger and coconut soup

It might be pale in colour but certainly isn’t lacking in flavour. Thickened by the cauliflower, sweetened with the coconut and given life by the chilli, this meal is perfect for a tasty lunch or a light dinner. Or maybe you’re entertaining? In which case, serve the soup in dainty bowls as a starter.

Courgette linguine with basil pesto and rawcotta

With no cooking involved and plenty of wholesome goodness, this is one meal you can enjoy completely guilt-free. Fresh basil, lemon juice, garlic and herbs give the rawcotta its light aromatic flavour and the courgette linguine cleverly provides a comfort factor without being too heavy. And if you’ve only got half an hour then don’t sweat it – this will be ready in 25 minutes.

Lentil curry with spinach

Curries are a dinner classic and in our book, they’re always a good idea. The combination of turmeric, cumin and chilli gives this dish its enviable aroma and means it’s no exception to the rule. Plus, a great curry tastes even better the next day so we’re sure you won’t regret making a big batch. Serve with rice, potatoes, or whatever takes your fancy.

Don't let your foray into delicious vegan meals end there; have a browse through our online collection and take your pick – there are dishes for any time, any day and any occasion.