Fabulously frugal, thrifty meal ideas and how to shop smart

in the May issue of FOOD

With thoughts of summer trips and school holidays beginning to creep onto the radar, we decided to think thriftily this issue. And if it’s taught us anything, it’s that budget cooking and eating come in many guises and by no means necessitate sacrificing flavour, enjoyment or health.

In this month's issue you’ll find tasty, nutritious ideas for weeknight dinners – roasted vegetable linguine and goats’ cheese frittata, to name but two – clever ways to cut the cost of entertaining and tips for planning your weekly shop.

There are also brilliant suggestions for taking the base of one meal and transforming it into much more: a wholesome risotto becomes a veggie main and properly moreish bites, while beef short ribs are turned into a sprightly salad and Vietnamese-style summer rolls.

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Emily Shardlow-Price, editor

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