5 Wimbledon-inspired recipes that celebrate the strawberry

Serve up old favourites (and some new) with the tennis on the telly

Wimbledon, the most glorious fortnight in the sporting calendar, is here. A time for world-class tennis, wildly enthusiastic crowds, British sunshine and all the strawberries our bodies can handle. (Rumour has it that some 33 tons of the fruit are gobbled down on the grounds of the All England Club.) And so, in respect of the time-honoured tradition and the delicious BerryWorld strawberries available in store, we’ve selected five recipes that celebrate the strawberry. A handful of winners so smashing, so faultless, that you’ll want to berry your face in them.

Feta, fig and strawberry salad

Like the Federer forehand, this salad is something you can only stand back and admire. Its beauty is in its simplicity – sprightly ingredients, four steps and no time stood over the stove bring you the perfect summer salad. With three classic partners to play with – feta, figs and mint – it’s the fresh strawberries that pull the strings.

Green smoothie bowls

This nourishing breakfast is as green and pristine as the lawns of SW19. Strawberries, spinach, bananas, almond milk and a healthy sprinkling of nuts and seeds combine in a super-swift, so-so-easy recipe that, if you’ll pardon the pun, is ready from start to finish in, oh, about tennish minutes.

Watermelon, strawberry and coconut juice

With only four ingredients and two steps, this refreshing juice is so beautifully easy to prepare that there’s really no chance of making any unforced errors. Extra points for serving with a straw.

Strawberry and cream fudge

Strawberries and cream are a Wimbledon institution. This recipe for sweet-shop fudge bars makes 12, so is ideal if you’re having friends over to watch the tennis. Though they’re so good, we’d be tempted to not make too much of a racket and keep them all to ourselves.

Strawberry and basil granita

We can’t fault any dessert that is as pretty as this. With the weather outside so warm, granita is the perfect way to beat the heat. It’s fuss-free to prepare, and something you can make ahead of time, ideal if you’re hosting a dinner party during the coming two weeks.