Easy tastes of Arabia

Planning on having meat at your iftar table? With our Easy-to-Cook range you're spoilt for choice

Let us do the hard work for you, with our ready-stuffed and rolled legs of sustainably sourced lamb and spatchcocked chicken. Created by our in-house chefs to give you a restaurant-quality experience at home, they mix traditional Arabic flavours with modern execution.


Each pack of Easy-to-Cook leg of lamb serves eight; simply roast until cooked to your liking and leave to rest for 10 minutes. Serve the lamb leg with Moroccan-style stuffing and apricot and chilli butter with saffron and cinnamon rice:

Or, how about lamb filled with mint, garlic and sumac stuffing? Serve on golden raisin and almond couscous.


Full-flavoured harissa chicken (left) is fabulous served alongside grains tossed with olives and lemon. For something a little spicier, this tandoori chicken finished with green chillies (centre) is just the thing. With a Mediterranean-style marinade, the chicken on the right will be popular with everyone.