Dos and don'ts during Ramadan

Embrace the holy month with our suggestions and advice for the weeks ahead

Here, we’ve compiled our list of Ramadan dos and don’ts to be kept in mind throughout the holy month. Remember also to check out our guide to eight things to try during Ramadan.


  • Stay fully hydrated between iftar and suhoor if you're fasting. Also, remember that it may be difficult if you are planning to be outside – if you’re just intending to fast for one day, try to choose a day where you are fairly sedentary and can be indoors.
  • Take advantage of the great-value lamb bulk packs at Spinneys, offering a variety of cuts for roasts, tagines and other family meals.
  • Invite people you don’t know well to enjoy an iftar meal with you (even if you're not fasting) – reduced working hours can mean a bit more time to be sociable and it’s never a bad idea to make new friends, whether they’re people you work with or neighbours.
  • Embrace the joy of Ramadan: if you usually eat non-Arabic dishes, why not give some traditional recipes a try? From the easy to the extravagant there are plenty of ideas here.
  • Plan ahead. Iftar can mean more mouths than usual to feed, and you may want to cook new recipes. If so, plan your menus and shopping accordingly so that you don’t feel stressed by it all.



  • Over-exercise: if you’re fasting remember that your body is used to being fuelled throughout the day. So take things easy and keep exercise to a minimum.
  • Be insensitive to those around you – keep music and other loud noises down.
  • Eat or drink anything in public between the hours of sunrise and sunset.
  • Fast if you are pregnant or menstruating. 


Do remember to wish Ramadan Kareem to Muslim friends and colleagues.