3 edible iftar gifts

Sweet offerings with a homemade touch

Presenting your host with a homemade gift at iftar is a lovely touch – and what could be better than a gift you can eat?


Chocolate-covered dates make a delicious quick mouthful at any time, but are especially lovely served with coffee after dinner or iftar. Buy them ready-made or dip plump and chewy caramel-flavoured Medjool dates into melted dark chocolate, then coat with desiccated coconut, chopped pistachios or white sesame seeds. Presented in a pretty bag or box, these date treats would certainly be a lovely homemade gift during Ramadan.


Homemade chocolate bark not only looks beautiful, it’s really easy to make, too. Some of our favourite combinations include dark chocolate with cranberries and pistachios, white chocolate with macadamia nuts and cranberries and milk chocolate with dates and walnuts.

To make chocolate bark, line a baking tray with baking paper. Pour melted chocolate onto the paper, spreading out in an even layer. Immediately sprinkle over your choice of toppings and transfer to the fridge until firm. Finally, have fun breaking into pieces.


Why not make your own hamper or mini-treasure chest filled with dried fruit, nuts, dates and chocolates – Thorntons Moments from Classics are ideal for this. Little gift bags filled with similarly sweet treats and tied with ribbon also look tempting and make extremely attractive gifts.