Dainty delights, feel-good meals and keeping cool in the July issue of FOOD

Gorgeous ingredients, easy dishes and more this month

There’s no getting away from it, and there’s really no need for me to state the obvious, but summer has well and truly arrived. In a bid to help, this issue of FOOD offers an array of recipes and ideas for making these hot and humid days more bearable: healthy meals that allow fresh flavours to shine and keep time standing over a hot stove to a minimum because, let’s face it, it already feels rather oven-like outside.

Easy-to-make pizza tarts topped with juicy tomatoes and fragrant basil and no-cook summer rolls filled with plump strawberries and peppery rocket are brilliant starting points. As any child will tell you, the cleverest way to stay cool is with frozen treats and we’ve got plenty; from a stunningly simple granita and two-ingredient lollies to elegant coconut, strawberry and rosewater ice cream. Enjoy.

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Emily Shardlow-Price, editor

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