Eid entertaining made easy

From simple starters and sides to mains and desserts, this is how to do Eid the easy way

Celebrate Eid with a top-quality joint of lamb

Feature sustainably sourced, fully traceable lamb that’s free from added hormones on your Eid menu and you won’t regret it.

Cover lamb leg with a glaze made from pomegranate molasses, lemon juice, olive oil and honey and slow-roast until the meat is tender and the glaze sticky and bubbling. Serve on top of couscous flecked with mint, crumbled feta and pomegranate seeds.

Spread a little sweetness

Gluten-free, made with reduced-fat cocoa and no added sugar, JimJams is not your average chocolate spread. Smear over toast, use as a filling for crêpes, topping for a stack of pancakes and a dip for fresh fruit. Or, try one of these three treats.

1. Chocolate bread and butter pudding

  • Warm 350g condensed milk, 350ml camel milk, 2 tsp ground almonds and 4 tbsp JimJams Hazelnut Chocolate Spread.
  • Arrange SpinneysFood Croissants in an ovenproof dish, pour over the chocolate milk and top with more croissants. Bake for 20 minutes in an oven preheated to 180°C.
  • Top with chopped pistachios.

2. Chocolate and camel milkshakes

  • Blend 2 frozen bananas with 500ml camel milk, 2 tbsp cocoa, 4 dates and 3 tbsp JimJams Milk Chocolate Spread.
  • Divide between glasses and add straws threaded with dates and Arabic biscuits.

3. Chocolate baklava cream pots

  • Whip 300ml double cream and 3 tbsp sifted icing sugar to soft peaks.
  • Layer into small pots with swirls of JimJams Milk Chocolate Spread.
  • Scatter over crumbled baklava.

Great gift

For a quick and easy gift idea or centrepiece that guests can tuck into after a meal, layer dried fruit and nuts – dates, apricots, walnuts and pistachios – into glass jars. Decorate with ribbon.

Shapes and surprises

Get crafty and make edible Eid decorations by stamping out moon and star shapes from cookies. There are recipes on our website or you can pick up cookies from the bakery instead. You can then make a small hole with a skewer and thread with ribbon or string.