Free-from recipes, feel-good foodie ideas and a healthy start to the new year

in this month’s issue of FOOD

There’s no denying that December is the month of indulgence – home-cooked dinners with all the trimmings, decadent desserts, sugar, spice and all things nice – so it makes sense that January is a time to cleanse and recover. But panic not, starting the new year on a healthy note is not as difficult (or dull) as you might think.

With superb products like our SpinneysFood Nut Butters and Honey and a focus on ingredients such as blueberries, mackerel, fleshy avocados and natural yogurt, there’s a little something for everyone. Get your day started the right way with three smoothie bowl ideas, nutritious breakfast products and gorgeous, quick-and-easy recipes (like this baked avocado and egg combination).

Make lunchtime light and breezy with a Southeast Asian-inspired soup or salad, a stunningly simple chip and dip or use sustainably sourced seafood to make a midday meal. Dinners and desserts prove that they can be just as delicious without the gluten, dairy, meat and eggs – just ask lovers of these tofu wraps with spinach noodles, or test out this recipe for pear and roasted pecan cheesecake pots.

This month we’re also sharing our views on conserving the earth’s natural resources, ensuring fair prices for produce, protecting workers’ rights and guaranteeing full traceability of products on our shelves. As an indication of our dedication to this cause, we are the first retail company in the Middle East to be a registered member of GLOBALG.A.P. Find out more about our sustainable sourcing policy, and how we’re making a difference, here.

So, let’s start this year off on the best possible note and move forward in both health and happiness. Find the latest issue of FOOD in stores now.