3 Easy-to-Cook Chicken Dinners

Have food on the table in no time

When it comes to roasting chicken, spatchcocking has several benefits: the meat cooks faster (great for midweek meals), the skin becomes wonderfully crisp and golden and it’s really simple to cut up and serve. You can buy your bird ready-marinated and spatchcocked for added ease and cook on the barbecue or under the grill.Take a look at the three ready-to-cook options in store:


Pilau rice and lime make an ideal combo for this easy Indian feast.


Chilli paste-rubbed chicken is great with corn and kidney bean salad and salsa.


Serve herb- and tomato-marinated chicken with roasted garlic and potatoes.

Complement your next barbecue chicken feast with these three outdoor options:

1. Crunchy full-of-flavour kale crisps are all the rage and this raw variety is particularly addictive.

2. Walden’s Farm barbecue sauces are fat-free and double up as both a meat marinade and accompaniment.

3. Calling all condiment fans. Have you tried Heinz tomato ketchup blended with jalapeño, sriracha and Tabasco sauces?