Up the fright factor

As the spooky season is upon us, it’s good to have a few tricks up our sleeves. Halloween may be known for its screams and scares but it is also a day of festivities and fun, and what better way to put smiles on faces than by filling little bellies with fun foods?


At Halloween, give your kids free rein to play with their food – starting with this Halloween punch icebox, complete with a floating frozen hand. All you’ll need is a couple of teaspoons of food colouring, a few litres of fruit juice and a rubber glove.

If you’re looking for something to beat those hunger pangs, try this spooky soup. Not only is it packed full of healthy, orange veggies like pumpkin and carrot, but you’ll get to top it off with a ghostly dollop of double cream.

Or, for a ssssspectacular make-it-yourself snack (ideal for dunking into that delicious soup) learn how to bake these slithery Halloween snakes with black olive eyes and red pepper tongues.


But who are we kidding? Everyone knows that Halloween is all about the sweet stuff. Impress guests with a ghoulish graveyard cake– follow our step-by-step recipe to create the creepiest of centrepieces, complete with marzipan ghosts, gravestones and grisly hands protruding from the chocolatey ‘dirt’ below.


If you’re looking to keep the adults sweet while the kids are snacking there’s happiness to be found in pumpkin buns hand-rolled in spiced sugar – or why not try these chai and chocolate chip pumpkin cookies for a teatime treat with a twist?

For sugar, spice and all things nice there’s always this crumble tart recipe. Packed full of pumpkin, scattered with pecans and served with maple cream it’s sure to end the day on a high note.


But, ultimately, Halloween is just another excuse for a celebration. And what kind of celebration would it be without the kiddies dressed up in cute or creepy costumes? The Melissa & Doug collection at Spinneys has everything from traditional skeletons and witches to ballerina, pilot, mermaid and astronaut outfits.

If your role is to create the Halloween cakes and cookies, make sure you can master the dark art of baking with the Wilton range of spooky scareware, from cookie cutters and cake pans to cups, moulds and a monster stand. There’s a little something for everyone this Halloween at Spinneys – are you set to scare?