For plates packed with personality

Prawns add instant luxury – especially if you push the boat out and go for juicy tiger prawns, which lend themselves beautifully and succulently to a huge range of dishes. Somehow, despite its slightly unappealing appearance when raw and unprepared, this versatile crustacean often steals the show once it’s on your plate – just one reason why we’ve named the tiger prawn as one of our top ingredients of the month.

Yet, despite this reputation for flair, prawns remain a friendly ingredient, mixing rather easily with others – it can coax complex flavours out of the most ordinary of meals, while still knowing how to keep things simple (like in this fresh and zesty prawn cocktail).

When a meatier meal is called for it shines, as shown in this hands-on prawn and mango burger paired with a pickled ginger and cucumber slaw. It can just as easily surprise you with a quick-and-easy omelette with chilli jam and looks quite cute bundled up as tasty prawn lollipops (just beware of the bite!)

For a little something on the light side, place a few plump tiger prawns atop slices of sourdough to make bruschetta with avocado and coriander pesto or get hot under the collar with this red pepper soup with avocado and king prawns.

The prawn is also a seasoned traveller, lending itself to many a destination’s menu. Stirring things up in the east, it works perfectly well with a Vietnamese-style stir-fry and easily jumps a border or two to play with flavourful mango and Thai spices. If grilling is more your thing the prawn will happily oblige, as seen in these Thai-style kebabs with coconut salad.

India seems to be a comfortable place for the crustacean to call home, with three amazing curries showcasing its full-flavoured nature, from the classic prawn korma, to a veg-heavy prawn, pumpkin and spinach curry and the speedy tiger prawn, tomato and coconut.

For a balanced starter from further-away France, try this gorgeous bouillabaisse, topped off just the right way with king prawn skewers, or, if loud and proud is calling your name, take the prawn to the USA for a healthy Californian grain bowl with avocado and grapefruit, or spice up a Caesar salad with some prawns and chunky croutons.


Whichever way you choose to cook your prawns, you won’t be disappointed – take a look at the rest of our prawn recipes for even more ideas, or if your main requirement in cooking is convenience you’ll be glad to know that you can now pick up freshly cooked prawns at Spinneys fish counters.