Diwali delights, a sweet Thanksgiving and seasonal magic

in the November issue of FOOD

As the year starts coming to a close we’re packing away our Halloween costumes… and pulling out the party hats – it’s getting festive at Spinneys this month.

Starting off on a light note with the festival of Diwali, food writer Maunika Gowardhan brings more than just a little flavour to the table. Prepare for a modern take on a traditional feast with dishes bursting with colour and fragrance; from a refreshingly spiced mango drink and cumin, cardamom and cinnamon rice sides to roasted ginger and coriander chops, a Goan chicken curry and coconut-filled pancakes, there won’t be a lot of space left in the stomach by the end of this spread.

If food is magically still on your mind (or we’re now just starting to get your attention) turn your eyes to our very American menu, filled with the sense of sweet celebration. Our Thanksgiving starts off on a roll with sugar-dusted cinnamon apple pie doughnuts, or, if loud and proud is your thing, you can go for broke with a tower of pumpkin pie, maple syrup and bacon waffles instead. Give me a classic, you say? Here, have at a hazelnut rocky road ice cream or stack up on ‘brownie’ points with these chunky peanut butter blondies.

And if you’re not jolly after all these sweet treats just yet, there’s even more good news in store: Spinneys has started sprinkling a little magic with Christmas just around the corner – deck the halls with dazzling decorations, stock up on a couple of great in-store gift ideas and get ahead of the game by preparing for Christmas with our ‘steps to sparkle’. Regardless of your festive needs, we’ve got the stuff to get you in gear for December (not to mention the famously Christmassy Brussels spout is one of our ingredients of the month).

But before we get ahead of ourselves there’s plenty more for you to pour over in the coming weeks, like a teatime-inspired baby shower spread or midweek meals straight out of your kitchen cupboard. Whatever your food mood this month, it’s bound to end on a happy note. Pick up the November issue of Spinneys FOOD magazine for all this and more: think cooking tips, recipe ideas and the lowdown on the great products in store now.