12 Delicious Meal Ideas for Diwali

Bring flavour to your table

As Diwali is a festival that embodies the bursting, bright colours of India we find it fitting that the food on our tabletops does the same. Whether you’re looking for something traditional with a twist or explosive modern meals to impress family and friends, food writers and chefs Anjum Anand and Maunika Gowardhan have more than a few ideas to create a spread fitting for a feast.


Spice things up from the get-go with the tangy jal jeera, a mango and cumin-spiced drink, and for an outdoor feast (and guests in need of a little hydration), there’s a cardamom, almond and rose water lassi, ready in just five short minutes.


For a hands-on option to kick off the spread try the cute and crispy savoury kebabs, topped with a dollop of thick Greek yogurt and homemade basil chutney, or go for something rich and cheesy with achari paneer tikka, a gorgeously grilled and skewered curd cheese with pickle marinade.

Looking for something on the lighter side? Try a quick-and-easy griddled courgette carpaccio with chick pea salsa and pistachio dressing, or, if meat is what you’re looking for turn to the flavourful adraki champ recipe, a generously spiced light meal of ginger and coriander lamb chops.


The high points of any Diwali feast are bound to lie in the curry, and we have just the two for you to choose from (both ready in under two hours!). For a chicken curry with full Goan flavours try the caril de galinha, made all the better with creamy coconut milk and hints of tamarind. Then there’s a classic lamb shank curry, which, with a little patience, makes sure the special occasion is celebrated with flavour and flair.


But what is an Indian feast without the fantastic side dishes and dips? Set the creaminess of curries off with a fragrant side of saffron and nut rice, and this spinach and dill raita makes a wonderful accompaniment to everything from lamb and chicken to poppadoms and naan bread.


End the festivities in classic fashion with these Bengali patishapta – sweet pancakes with a coconut filling – or go the more modern route and simply be inspired by the flavours of India by creating light and fluffy pomegranate soufflés with rose and raspberry cream.


Whichever way you decide to celebrate the brightest of festivals, rest assured that your table will be topped with tasty dishes for the whole family (and then some). And, if you want some more authentic Diwali recipes, check out these four fabulous offerings from two our customers.

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