Spice Souk
Spices aren’t just flavour enhancers, many also have medicinal properties. Create these aromatic blends at home using the spices available at Spinneys
Chargrilled Aubergine and Tamarind Rice
Scoring the flesh of the aubergine doesn't just result in tender flesh when chargrilled, but also allows for maximum flavour to seep in. Serve this over a flavourful tamarind pilaf to make this a complete meal
Fragrant Mango Chicken Curry
This chicken curry takes on a lovely tropical flavour when the season's best mangoes are slow-simmered alongside the chicken here. Serve with fluffy rice or naan and poppadums
Spice Up Your Beauty Bag
The famed Spice Route was not only lucrative for shipping precious cargo for culinary purposes, it also introduced potent beauty secrets from cultures across the world to a wider audience. Discover the naturally effective spices and herbs that have been used in skincare routines for centuries