Blistered Tomatillo Aioli
A staple in Mexican cuisine, tomatillos impart a tart flavour and can be used in a variety of ways. Serve this zesty aioli with crudités for a wholesome snack
Poppadum Chips With Whipped Feta and Sabzi Sauce
Fried poppadums have always made a great accompaniment, but here they are the centre of attention. Serve this crispy snack with whipped feta and a mixed herb sauce
Secret Weapons - Sauces to Die For
Brush these simple, quick-to-make sauces on just about everything – they’ll elevate your grilled meat, chicken, fish and veggies
Home-made Mango and Lime Hot Sauce
This hot sauce is extremely versatile. Use it in sandwiches, add a kick to your salad dressings, or marinate fish in it
Peach BBQ Sauce
Ideal for marinating, glazing, basting or dipping, this sweet and spicy BBQ sauce is addictive and will have you going back for more